Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping The Wheels Rolling

We have a couple of used cars that work as church buses, carpool vehilces, and even ambulances.  Can´t tell you how many times we´ve had to rush women to the hospital to have their babies.  These autos get a hard work-out and they do take a beating. I try hard to make sure they are attened to when needed but even at that, they can really get down to the nubbings where there is almost nothing left to fix or repair as the whole thing is nearly worn out. Right now we are in need of a rare beast, an oil pump for a ´96 Honda Accord LX, 2.2 motor, 4 cylinders and it´s a two door. The car´s motor is still pretty good but as we all know, it can´t run without an oil pump. This car has brought many, many people to and from church in Ensenada and El Zorrillo and to the hospital and has been used for getting folks to and from other Christian events. If someone knows where we can pick-up one of these pumps, please, let me know. Good people are not able to come to church, as in their area, this was their only transportation. Pray with us for this need. Thank You and God Bless You.

(By-the-way, this is not one of our church vehicles.  It just seemed like it fit the article.  Thank God, our cars, however old they are, are not in that bad of condition.  Praise The Lord.)

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