Monday, April 25, 2011

Infant Mortality

Among labor camp workers, principally made up of Mexico’s indigenous population, there is a high mortality rate for children under two years of age, it is especially high among infants. The reasons are various but in part it is for poor compliance with appropriate feeding and hygiene practices for these young children.

Improper infant feeding and unclean utensils are a high cause of infections that cause infant morbidity among the poor migrant squatters.

Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections were most common and appeared to be caused by horrible air quality and poor cleanliness in things that were used to prepare and store food for children or to feed babies.

Another cause is the high cost of medical attention. It would help considerably if there was a way to reduce the high cost of health care for poor families. To date, little help is available. And, many doctors will only treat one ailment at a time. You must make following appointments to treat extra illnesses. In the process, babies and children get worse and then die.

Please, pray for the babies and young children in all Third World Countries, they are helpless to help themselves. Pray for the needed changes to happen and for the many parents that are stuck in the past when it comes to knowing how to treat their babies and care for their children. Tradition and superstition does make it hard to teach them new and better ways of doing things.

The Lord loves these little ones and isn’t willing that any should perish from sicknesses that could easily be avoided or simply treated with over-the-counter medicines. I trust that He wants to use us and for this reason, among others, he has us here to help, teach and educate. The babies are waiting on use to help.

God Bless You All!