Friday, July 20, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Thank you all for your patience, I've just been facing a ton of trials with the computers of this world. They are not going to win. Mine is old and has several problems each month. Not huge things but I have to keep taking it back to Ensenada and waiting for them to get it fixed. Then I get it back here and boom, it dies. A tad bit frustrating but that's just the way it is. So, I work with it. Right now I am without a home computer and will be that way for a long while yet. Please, pray with me for a new computer. God knows that they are a part of all ministry operations in this day and age. It's a good tool, but just like all tools, they wear out and must be replaced. Keep looking,more news and videos are on the way...soon. Plus, the mail service here continues to be next to impossible to work with. Not fast, at all! I just sent a CD to a friend. It must have taken several months for it to finally get over the border to find its final destination.