Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day To One And All

For All My Family And Friends On Thanksgiving Day

My dear and precious Heavenly Father, today is Thanksgiving Day. And, even though I am alone and miles from family or friends, I am not lonely. I know that You are with me. And, right now, I feel the need to share these thoughts and feelings with You, myself and everyone else. Because, despite my location and current situation, deep in my heart and in the most intimate parts of my existence, You do uphold me and encourage me to be strong. So, I ask that as we read or listen to these words I am writing that we on this special day would bow our hearts and souls before You and earnestly pray, asking for You to bless us, everyone. Please, Lord, meet us were it hurts the most, where we are most tender, confused and insecure and hearten us. I trust that we, in Christian faith, would be those that see the glass as being half-full, giving You our genuine thanks for all You've done for us all year long. More than ever, let us take the time to really thank You for the gift of Jesus, Your Holy Son. For His shed blood and perfect life and for all that He shares with us as we walk with Him. May we all see Your hand in the beauty of nature; it’s so balanced and obviously was carefully planned. It speaks so loudly of Your handy-work and Your glory. How Great Thou Art!

Of course, may we thank You and praise You for the joy and hope that fills our minds. May we appreciate and give You thanks for the health that we have. And, remember to lift up in prayer all family members and friends. Each one is a special gift that has been given to us. Even though they are simple human beings they came into our lives from the God of plans and purpose. Thank You for our daily bread and for the Living Bread that came down from Heaven. Also, Lord, I pray that we would give You great thanks and admiration, for Your Mercy, Grace and Loving-kindness and for the continuing care and concern You have for our wellbeing. There are so many blessings that You are to us. There are so many wonderful things You simply and freely share with us. Thank You, Lord.

So, today I ask that we all offer a response of praise and make a new promise to follow You more closely all the days of our lives.

So please, Heavenly Father, bless all the food You've so generously given to us to enjoy on this great day. Bless each and every person invited or not, may everyone feel like a good friend or dear family member. Perhaps some might sing praises to Your name: or watch a timely and inspiring movie to help celebrate the beautifulness of the day. Everybody remember; God has joined with us on this remarkable date.

Dear God, I pray that we would all worship You, from the depths of our hearts. Because, You are our Conquering Guide, our Lord and Savior. I also pray that You as our Constant Defender would keep us safe from evil and harm. May Your worshippers escape misery. You, oh Lord, merit all of our honor and praise! Oh Lord, thanks for making us free! Keep us forever free!