Saturday, July 4, 2015

Our Visitors Help The Ambulance And Rescue Teaam

Jorge, the director of the ambulance and rescue service here in San Vicente, gets a needed donation from our friends, DDS. Anthony and Naomi Wong, from Southern California. This group of medical and lay-people has come to do God's work here in Mexico for more than twenty years. They are a blessing to hundreds each and every year. They do all their treatments for free, not charging anyone for the medical attention that they so graciously share in Jesus's Name among the poorest of the poor. They bless so many people and not only here in Mexico but around the world. Please, remember them in your prayers every so often, they do things that no one else is doing in these communities. They are true servan
ts of God and leave this place and everyone they meet along the way, better off than before they came. The true mark of a believer is to love not only in word, but also in deed and they most certainly do that. Amen! (Pictured with Jorge is my little helper Ashley, she loves to see the ambulance and is always joyful when she spots it in action. She knows they are there to do good.)