Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teaching Truth To The Little Ones

Proverbs 22:6, ¨Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


Gleaning information from various intelligent sources, here are some facts that I think you might not have known about why Mexico continues to be such a poor nation.  One setback is that Mexico is a nation that can not get loans from the International Monetary Fund or from the World Bank, mainly because the Mexican government doesn´t encourage much private business development.
Another sad but obvious obstacle to economic growth is that there are millions of individuals surviving on about two dollars a day.  Try doing that at your home and at the same time sending your children to school.  If you can imagine, there are nearly 20 million Mexicans living in severe neediness.  And a full half of the nation´s population lives in the poverty level and for some of the most difficult cases, refuse is their daily food.  There are any number of factors causing this crisis such as individual indifference, lack of motivation, geographic situations and sad political issues.  

To begin with and most burning cause of scarcity in Mexico is the individual condition. This cause refers to conditions and uniqueness of poor people.  For example, the quantity of education, individual training, personal level of intelligence, quality of health, and in some cases, prejudice has had an influence on poverty.  First and foremost, it´s the lack of education that is the most significant factor that contributes to Mexico´s poverty.  There is very little access to good-paying jobs for non-educated people.

(That´s why selling drugs or working in the various in-country illegal professions is so attractive to the poor.)

The next cause of poverty has to do with topography.  For example, data shows that people who live in country areas far away from the cities are poorer. This is due to the lack of communication and transportation in remote rural areas. Though Cellular phones are helping, as are computers, still the poor can´t afford to download all the big, costly apps that the richer can easily do.  And, not all have electricity, nor phone service.  Because of this, the government can’t provide essential services such as potable water, affordable food, primary health care, and education.  Some people who live in rural areas are thoroughly cut off from the rest of Mexico´s social order.

Unless the Mexican government works on the causes of the poverty which are the individual condition, the geographic factor, and the political economy of the country, the problem is just going to get worse.  Nobody likes to see poor families eating out of garbage cans.  Mexico needs a new political economy designed by Mexican economists and politicians, people who are committed to Mexico and to the future of its society.  And, the children of Mexico need your prayers, visits and the gifts of school supplies. 

It would be impossible to say how many boys and girls have graduated from the Prepa (High School) here, but those that did it, did it thanks to you and your help, care and concern for them.  God Bless You For Caring and Sharing.  Amen.

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