Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ministry Using Movies

Life without movies would be boring.  At least I think it would.  Some other people think it we'd be better off without any cinema.  Whatever your position and whatever your reasons, moving pictures can be a real and viable evangelistic tool for any ministry to use.   

Here in Mexico, I deal with people that speak a lot of different languages, Mixteco, Zapoteco, Maya and of course, Spanish.  (Among many others)  And, not everyone ministered to by Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission can read and write.  (Or speaks Spanish)  The one great equalizer is the seventh art, the film industry.  Movie theater can show a whole audience, despite language barriers, a message from the Bible that everyone in attendance can understand.

I know that many church people and Christian organizations used to call Billy Graham incredibly harsh names when he started producing Christian movies for evangelistic purposes.  However, he stuck to his ideas and made many, many wonderful, faith-based and Christian-oriented movies during his active ministry years.  One of my favorites is the 'Hiding Place.'  This production tells the story of Corrie ten Boom and how she and her family helped saved Jewish lives during the Second World War.  A very bearing and powerful Christian movie, to-say-the-least.

Therefore, I have chosen to use movies in all my outreaches and evangelistic endeavors and certainly at the Bible School.  Simply because, they are too effective to ignore.  They are so spiritually valuable I feel it would be foolish not to use them in ministry.  Everything from films for children to those with heavier Christian themes for older people.

In this photo are two new movies that I just bought at fifteen dollars each in Mexico, ‘Circle of Vice,’ and, ‘Half-baked: not cold, not hot, just lukewarm.’  These will first be shared at the base’s church El Camino Agape and then at the mission’s other outreaches.  I know the Lord will use their messages to help touch the hearts and souls of those that view them.  He used a donkey once, I believe He can use these films, too.

Also in this photo are a couple of packs of guitar strings.  I use a lot during the year.  I break a lot during the year, I should say.  But, break them or not, for best tonal quality, they should be changed every-so-often.  Now, I do not change them weekly, as that would be too expensive to do.  But, when really needed, I do replace them.  I don’t mind what brand they are or gauge, (though with my all thumbs fingers, I prefer medium gauge) the only real detail is that need to be strings made for acoustic-electric guitars.

If you are coming to Mexico and could help supply, strings or Spanish language Christian movies, DVD or VHS, it would be a real blessing to have your help.  Things in Mexico are usually two to three times more costly than they are in the USA.  So, if God speaks to your heart and you want to bring some with you or send them to the U. S. mailing address, thank you, thank you, thank you.  God Bless You All.

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