Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another New Chruch

Here are some photos from a new church that is being built near the U.S./Mexican border in Tecate, BCN, Mexico. I can't even tell you what the name of the neighborhood is, or what the name of the church will be once the building is ready. As this is a very new work. Things like that will come later. Currently, we are helping to supply the workers with food, water and solar electric panels, deep-cycle batteries, housing and gasoline, among other things.

Only the Lord knows how long this construction project will take to finish. My prayer is that in less than six months the whole building process will be finished. Church services are currently taking place in a small nearby shack. It's not very convienient but for the moment, it's all they have. I turst that the Lord will continue to meet the needs that everybody working here has. It takes a lot of everything to open up a work like this. These workers need our prayers, physical help and financial aid.

Please, join me in prayer for those that are here. The circumstances are not very enjoyable but everyone has a sincere faith and can see what the Lord can do in this area, given the chance. Of course, we are going to need to do a lot of evangelism and a bunch of Bibles and Christian tracts to pass out.

May God Bless this work and all of you who lift this work of His up in prayer and provide for the needs of the builders, the pastor and his family.

Update On Earthquake News

The church survived the Easter earthquake in Mexicali, all except for one wall, it didn't fall down but it did crack from top to bottom. The team working on-site bounced up and down with the sand, dirt and gravel, which made for a lot of thick dust. But, this was the only damage to the new building. It has since been repaired and the first-stage work on the church including the septic tank has been accomplished.

Praise God for His supply, your prayers and financial support. More work remains to be undertaken but we can proceed at a more regular rate having come this far since January.


  1. WOW MAX!!!!!! What a great blog!!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!!!!! I am soooooo blessed by this - great, great job, it's so encouraging and informative, this is great, THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW!!! Blessings to you in Y'shua dear brother, Brandy

  2. Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I seem to be living in a mysterious world where I, like the white rabbit, am always late, late for very important dates. I do thank the Y'shua for your comments and for all the ministery that you guys do down there in Guerrero and other parts of the world, including Israel. May He always bless you and keep your ministry growing and going ever onward, upward and forward for Christ Jesus. Shalom.