Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Few Words About Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission

This ministry began more than twenty years ago and was born from much soul-searching, prayer and personal sacrifice. I remember that at the start, I would work two weekends a month in Mexico and then come back to the United States and I found myself telling God that I only wanted to go to Mexico on this bi-weekly basis. That lasted for about six months. I felt good about being a weekend missionary. There is really nothing wrong with that, the mission field needs all types of missionaries. But, as the Lord began to work on my heart, molding me to want to do more of His will than mine, then I began to sense a call, a leading and to know that He was aksing more of me that I thought He ever would. Eventually, I was asking God, 'when can I start living in Mexico?'

I knew it would be hard giving up my family and friends, and my pre-Mexican life in the north, but to be right with God, I had to allow Him to make this change happen. And, He did, I changed, grew and then I was able to see my future contained more than just my thoughts and ideas. Also, I could see that, even though I was not a great man, nor did I have any real extreme talents and even though I didn't even speak Spanish, true faith has a way of allowing us to clearly see things way before they happen. I knew that if God had called me, then, He also equipped me to be in Mexico and that everything would work out together for good. Over the years, it has.

The work here in Mexico, belongs to God and a lot of very good men and women, churches, and individuals. Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission, is so not just the work of one man. It's been team work since the very beginning. And, I deeply extend my most sincere thanks to all that have participated in the growth and establishing of this ministry. Without God bringing all of you along to help, nothing that has been done, would have ever been accomplished.

Thousands of souls have been saved, multi-thousands of Bibles have been given out, as well and thousands and thousands of Christian tracts, without mentioning the many other things that make up the outreaches of Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission. It's a great joy to be here and to continue this work of God's in San Vicente and surrounding pueblos and cities.

May God continue to use us as we go forward together to make this ministry even more effective that it ever has been.

God Bless You All.

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