Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wuzzby's Day Of Salvation

A sad truth is that there is, without a doubt, any number of abused and neglected animals in the world. Every country on earth has people, that for one reason or another, mistreat their pets, abandoning them to the elements, leaving them helplessly to fend for themselves. Domestic animals are not able to do that very well. Nearly always, these living beings die horrible, painful and lonely deaths. Since Rancho Santa Fe began in the late 1980s, I have been concerned for these family-dependent creatures. Having vaccinated, medicated, cured and sterilized many cats and dogs in San Vicente, today it's rare to see a sickly, mangy or contagious animal on the streets. I thank God for each of these little furry angels that we've been able to save and for His help, and yours, in allowing me to teach others about caring for their mascots. Animals are not more important than humans, but they are still an important part of God's creation. And, way back in Genesis, the Lord asked us to care for them and the planet that we all share, Genesis 2:15. The oldest profession on earth is that of gardener along with that of being an animal care worker.

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