Saturday, March 13, 2010

Following Jesus' Words

Read Mark 6:30-44

Answering, Jesus said, 'Give them something to eat.'

Mark 6:37 (RVR)

Have you at some time been truly hungry? Maybe you didn't eat breakfast or lunch, so that later on you felt very much hunger, and were even trembling. Now imagine one could not alleviate that hunger.

We consider it a fact that God is going to give us 'Our daily bread' that we requested in the Our Father prayer. We often think like the disciples of Jesus in the above passage that those who are hungry could simply go out and buy something in order to eat, if they wanted to. However the daily news tells us that this type of hunger is very real in our times, just as it was in the times of Jesus. In our neighborhoods, in my small town, in the small and big cities, every where, there are many people that need food.

I am sad that in my town there is no warehouse of free foods. In this interdenominational ministry, I work hard to feed my neighbors. I try to do what Jesus said to the disciples, 'You give them something to eat.' But it’s hard, I need help. Right now there are more people than normal in need of their daily bread. I try to feed them all, but must dedicate myself to first helping women with small children.

I also try to pay the electric bills for these same families, if needed. Since most are poor we are talking about twenty to forty dollars a month. Being that they don’t have big screen TVs, or video games and lots of electronic equipment, these charges cost less than the food they need.

Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40, 'Truly I tell you that whatsoever you do to one of these little ones, you do it to me.' My heart’s desire is not to let Jesus go hungry or to leave Him in the darkness.

Your prayers, donations of food and financial gifts are greatly appreciated and truly needed. God bless you for considering the poor. I know that this pleases the Lord. Thank You.

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