Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Only God Is Creator

The Involvedness of Existence and the Implausibility of Evolution.

In order for the main beliefs of transmutation, an elephant giving birth to a chicken.  And, for natural selection as taught in the theory of evolution to work, there had to be prior living things for the cell building process to have happened.  Energy in living form must always be present before it can start to branch out.  Life had to have come from somewhere, beforehand, but the presumption of evolution aims to declare that it woke up, got out of bed of your its own volition and impulse and came forth out of the lifeless elements of planet Earth, I don't know, 4 billion years ago and said, ‘Here I am.’

Could life occur impulsively?  I don’t know, can a batch of delicious sugar cookies, simply appear, mixed, baked and ready to eat in your home oven?  Of course, not.  Even a primal cell like an E. coli bacteria which is one of the simplest life forms known today is mind-bogglingly multifaceted.  

For even the most basic cell to form it would have to contain at the absolute minimum:
  • A cell wall to fence in all that would be contained within the cell structure.
  • A heritable design for the cell, with much important information, identification of millions of deadly and helpful substances in the environment and direction to put it all together, (Some form of DNA).
  • An enzyme capable of photocopying information out of the heritable or genetic design to manufacture new proteins and enzymes and all at the first micro-second of construction of this one-celled creature.  It would also have to have a simple ‘brain,’ with a bodily central nervous system, too.  Plus, it would need all the necessary information on how to sustain itself, like how to find and recognize and eat or absorb food and liquid.  Then have a way to eliminate waste products.  It would need all sorts of internal coding to indicate, direct and operate all these bodily functions and so much more.  Even some sort of heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, ETC.  Imagine what would have had to take place, instantly, just to keep the cell alive.  Temperature control, use of the food it found to eat and how to obtain oxygen or breathe and how to heal itself, ETC.  The list is so immense I just can’t write down exactly all of what would have had to be in place at this one micro-second of accidental formation of this first living cell.
  • An enzyme capable of manufacturing new enzymes, along with all of the building blocks for those enzymes.
  • An enzyme that can build cell walls.
  • An enzyme able to copy the genetic material in preparation for cell splitting (reproduction).  How would it know if it were male or female?
  • An enzyme or enzymes able to take care of all of the other operations of splitting one cell in two, to implement reproduction.  (For example, something has to get the second copy of the genetic material separated from the first, and then the cell wall has to split and seal over in the two new cells.)
  • Enzymes able to manufacture energy molecules to power all of the previously mentioned enzymes.
  • The ability to maintain and expand the cell wall (grow).
If all these things and so many others were not present when the first living cell was formed in earth’s primordial soup, what was formed, if anything, was not really a cell and therefore it was not really alive.  To try to imagine a primordial cell without these minimal capabilities spontaneously creating itself, is not likely, at all.

No matter what evolutionists teach us it is still a long way from an accidental cosmic unprompted origination of life, to what we see around us today.  

Speaking in general terms, life can only have come from one of two possible places:
  • Spontaneous creation, where accidental and self-willed random chemical processes created the first living cell and then all life descended from that one, first cell.
  • Supernatural creation, where God or some other supernatural power created the first living cell.  Made it totally viable within itself at the moment of creation, having inside it a plan, bringing forth life according to this will and special purpose.
And it doesn't really matter if aliens or meteorites brought the first living cell to earth, because the ETs would have had come into existence through either spontaneous creation or supernatural creation at some point.  After all, something had to establish the first alien cells.

(The page you have here is so tremendously and sadly basic.  Yet, I have wanted to write something about Creation for a long time.  It's a big subject.  But, it's entirely obvious that only planned creation is even possible.  Nothing can accidentally make itself happen.  Only God has power enough to actually create something.  Millions of cosmic accidents taking place all at once amongst a primordial soup being self-willed yet directionless somehow moving forward from inert elements into life, isn't even possible on a good day.  So, enjoy what I've collected and posted here.  I hope it helps you understand your faith.)

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