Friday, November 23, 2012

Angry Atheists Aren't Cool

Mr. Atheist, I would imagine if more people knew what being God truly meant that they wouldn’t need to make statements like yours. But, they don’t choose to honestly investigate the claims made by God. God is not a man and we are not gods. You see, old soul, there is a strikingly major difference between an ordinary human serving as a spiritual leader and a god. Especially the One, True God.
He’s not egocentric, He is just worthy of honor, praise and worship. And everybody serves their own god, being it science, the theory of evolution or God, the Creator of everything. We all work for our god, even if that’s the devil. But, giving glory to your god, that’s sort-of what you do to a god. Certainly, to a Real and Honest God. Of which, there is only One. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD,” Isaiah 55:8. Miss Atheist, you and I cannot ever think or know things exactly like God knows them. If we did, or could, then we could run for god the next time the position opens up. My goodness, what a tiny, small and insignificant being He would have to be for us to be able wrap our finite brains all around Him. Don’t you agree?

As I hear it, when a Christian asks an atheist a spiritual question, as I have for more than 30 years, all the atheists are able to do is to jump on me or another person like some heavy brute trying to force the Christian to see just how stupid they are in their eyes..When Christians ask a question or oppose their way of thinking, then all the retorts are either insults or off the wall definitions of evolution. You see, for some, their god is Charles Darwin.

Why are atheists so bitter and sour? Why don’t they have more tolerance? God is not oppressive and evil triumphant. I Have a Rabbi friend, who has gotten thousand of hateful responses to his idea that the Bible should be taught in homes. Who sent him these responses? Atheists. Mrs. Atheist, God has not done so much evil, religion has done that. And, I invite atheists to go with me to studies, conferences and other events, where things on both sides will be discussed and debated, and you know what? There is a haughty aversion to connect with Christianity’s earnest thinkers. They don’t want to go. Why are they so afraid of just listening?

I have noticed that a whole lot of these types of people often live on the borders of the social order. Seems to me that not all, but so many atheists, are on a major ego-trip. The first tenet of atheism is that a man must love himself. Wow, now that is egotistical. They seem to think that being an atheist allows them to be crude, rude and totally uncouth. Really my atheist friend, I personally get a sad laugh out of those that think that someday they are going to be the one that destroys Christianity. To me it seems hopeless to cling to atheism but I know that it makes most atheists think they are smarter than Christian could ever be. Sure, it’s designed to make them think that they are someone important and that their lives have meaning. God Bless You, all.

Grandpa Atheist, did you know that atheists are only 2.3 percent of the world’s entire population. And, this sparks a question I often use in my studies, “when you think you are the only one that’s right, that means that everybody else must be wrong.” Grandma Atheist, of course, I know that not everybody is a Christian. We are only about, maybe 75 percent of the population. What’s left is a miss-mash of everything else. But, as you see it, I would think, you and yours are more right than the whole of the rest of us put together? Which I find simply amazing.

So please, Atheistic Family, feel released to vituperate, squabble and belittle me. But understand that the Christian exchange of ideas is not advanced by empty names and unpleasant asides. To quote the prophet of God, "Come let us reason together (Isaiah 1:18)." God is big enough to listen to all of our little complaints and He deeply wants to hear from us. Atheistic Folks, each of us ought to be knocked for six by our inexplicable ability to speak, contemplate, imagine and dispute. Our primary reaction to life should be gratefulness and astonishment that we share this extraordinary planet so far outside our poverty-stricken capacity to comprehend. Now, if you so like and choose, let the mockery commence!  It’s your dime.

Someday, given the chance, we can talk about satan and his false religions. If you should so like to do.

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