Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day

No devotion can be superior to that of a prayer where the person gives frank and open thanks and worship to a loving and caring God, which has give that soul so much to be thankful for.  Take time to thank Him today for all that you have.  Most of us have so very much to be thankful about.  May your Happy Thanksgiving dinner be a true banquet. 

Today, if you find yourself in want and lack, please visit a church, park or event where a Thanksgiving Dinner is being served to the poor and needy.  It’s not a sin to need help.  The only sin in poverty is not finding available help when you have great needs.  On days such as these, Christian organizations all over the country step up to the plate to fill yours to over-flowing.

When I say my prayer of thanksgiving to God today, for every blessings that He has so graciously allowed me to have, I will not forget to say thanks for the finest blessing of all,  Which is, God's great and unending grace, mercy and love and the forgiveness of all my sins.  Which, of course, means that I am ever thankful to Him for His plan of Salvation, which includes the free gift of His Son, Jesus, my Lord.  And, I will give Him thanks for my family.  You all mean so much to me. You are a true blessing and another gift from God.  I will ask that He show you, in these words, how much you mean to me.  I thank Him and, I thank you all for everything you have done for me.  And, then I ask the He bless my friends, where ever they might find themselves.  May you all experience a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving remembrance.

Plus, to those of you in the United States that have helped the poor and needy here in Mexico, my mission partners, those that work together with me to serve God, let me tell you, we have made a difference this year.  We have shared the Love of God with thousands.  We have worked together to give numerous people the gift of sight.  Everywhere we go and all that we do means that the Gospel is being given to those that are in treatment centers, shut-in and too sick to go on.  These men and women, boys and girls are seeing and understanding that God is not found in a religion but in the hearts, minds and souls of people that really do care for them in the Name of Jesus.  The friendship and affection you have all showered us with, is a true miracle of love.  I am so blessed to have good family and good folks like you as part of my evangelistic team.  It's really great to be your relative and friend.  Again, I honestly wish you all a joyful Happy Thanksgiving Day.

And don’t forget to thank God for all the poor turkeys who gave their lives to be our dinner today.  I am sure glad that turkeys don’t have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!  Imagine if they did what, or who they might eat for their dinner!?!

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