Monday, November 26, 2012

New Medical Clinic In San Vicente

(Left to Right...Guadalupe, Nurse's Assistant, Dr. Lorena Avila and Pharmacy, Rocio Gonazlez, not pictured, Wendy Faglia)

 Even though México, with the third largest number of residents of any country in the Americas, has grown in emergency medicine care and education, it still isn’t as modernized as it needs to be.  Big steps have been taken in the country since 1986 when the Medical Institute of Social Services (IMSS) was established nevertheless, these improvements are mostly found in big cities such as Mexico.  Local clinics and pueblo pre-hospital care is still undeveloped in many parts of the country and in certain areas the service one finds is often nightmarish.  There just aren’t enough qualified emergency physicians to meet the smaller town’s needs.  

                                                                   (Waiting Room)

The involvement of Christian groups from the US, Canada and elsewhere, is also helping to improve the quality of medical care in México.  Therefore, I present you with the chance to know of a huge need we have here in San Vicente. Way too many people die each year, not so much from the lack of persons with medical skills but from the deep lack of equipment with which to treat emergency cases.

                                                                 (Current Patient Room)

Doctor Lorena Avila, Rocio Gonzalez, Pharmacists, Guadalupe Rodriques, Nurse’s Assistant, and Wendy Faglia, Nurses Assistant, are working hard to open a local and well-equipped clinic with delivery room, heart patient care and general hospital capabilities.  But, to actually do this, they need our help to make it happen.
Please, keep these four educated ladies and their desires in your prayers.  The needs are ever present and the supply will have to come from the Lord.  They cannot raise the funds or find the equipment in country.  If you know of anybody that might be able to help, please let them know about this need.  God Bless You.

                                    (There Is Much Room For Expansion At This New Facility)

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