Sunday, January 13, 2013

Faith With Works Is Enough

Written to an agnostic-atheist:

The Bible clearly describes faith and tells us what it is.  Sorry, you don’t know what having faith in God is or what it means to have faith in God.  I am pretty sure that you know not to argue just to argue, ‘cause that will never get you anywhere in life.  In my life, I have discovered that most people, not all and perhaps not you, do that, to hide behind walls of ignorance because they refuse to try and understand anything outside of what they choose to know.  Now, I didn’t say that you are doing this.  But, do try to understand that none of us is the most learned being on the planet, certainly not me anyway.  If you learned everything you wanted to know about life at your age, that I would find interesting, and maybe just a tad-bit sad.  But, since I am not sure that you understand the meaning of the word faith, as I used the word with the other person, I’ll give you a tiny, quick and rapid-fire lesson.  If I may.

Is my faith in God, alone, enough?  Yes and no.  I’ll explain.  Firstly, faith in God has to be enough cause I can’t work my way to God.  But if I have faith in God, I will want to obey Him.  The result of having faith in God is that my actions will demonstrate that I believe in God.  If I bake a cake, starting from scratch, and I still do, I must have all the needed ingredients before I get started.  Once properly mixed and placed in the oven, in about 45 minutes, I will have a cake.  That was faith in action which produced a good result, my cake, only no chocolate for me, please.  Secondly, faith in God isn’t just knowledge about God, knowing that a god-creature exists out there, somewhere in the Universe, it’s being intelligently wise with that knowledge.  Love, joy and peace, mercy and grace are things that He uses to guide me to do good works.  I feel like I am serving Him when I serve others.  All of these godly attributes, the grace, mercy, love, joy, ETC., in our lives and in action, would mean that groups like the KKK, Nazis and certain churches, would have never existed.  They may claim a religious base, but certainly calling them godly or Christian is a bit much.  These beautiful characteristics that I mentioned, in action, visible in all our lives, in my life together with my faith, are certainly enough, but as I said, they cannot remain motionless, being just pretty words.  They are hard working words, always active words.

Real faith mixed with obedience to God and positive and good actions towards others is faith in action, and in expression.  Belief, by itself, is just passive, only a dead word, lacking in itself, unless we actively express our faith, simple belief is useless.  We must put heart, soul, body and mind into action, as our expression, life-style, if you like, and transfer our beliefs into one package of working faith that we, for and towards God, put into action.  Brainpower, soul and heart must act upon faith in a resourceful, all-inclusive way.  When we put our faith in God in action, faith is certainly enough. 

So, friends, I really hope this helped you.  I could write you a book on faith, thousands already have, the subject is very, very big, as is everything concerning God. 

Right now, I am going to be off the computer probably for the rest of today, time to set-up things for church, and then maybe tomorrow, as I go to Ensenada tomorrow to speak at a few churches and do a couple of radio programs. 

Romans 12:3, tells us that God gave every human the proper amount of faith to be able to believe in Him, “For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.”

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