Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Morning San Vicente

Just Another Day In My Life

I awoke at 6:35 A. M., did my early morning prayers and then read chapter six of Daniel.  A fun-filled chapter with a lot of activity in it.  Got dressed and ate a bowl of oat cereal with vanilla soy milk.  Delicious.  Went outside in the smokey cold and fed the dogs and cats while I tried not to breath in all the fumes from the neighbor's morning trash burn.   Coming back in where it was much warmer, I got a pleading call from one of the young Bible students that lives here in San Vicente, her computer was blocked and she asked if I could help her.  She said that she was trying to give a password to a personal file because she wanted to keep her information private but instead of doing that, she had accidentally blocked the whole system.  And then, she immediately forgot the password she had just thought up.  So, I went over to her place and from the shallow depths of my very limited knowledge I tried everything I could to remove the password but all of my attempts were unsuccessful.  So, I drove back home and went on-line to get some professional help from those that know a whole lot more about computers than I do.  Shortly, I found a couple of sites that offered me a few things to try.  So then, I drove back over to her house.  After about a half hour or so, when the tricks I learned didn't work, we decided to pray and right after that God placed the forgotten password back in her mind.  Carefully typing in the password, the screen opened up, the password worked!  The system was then unlocked and ready for use.

                                                      Sorting the gifts and the baby clothes

When I got back home, I instantly got another call from a friend who works at an OXXO store in town.  It's a small grocery store, like a Circle K or 7 Eleven.  Earlier in the morning seems that someone had moved the store's big ice machine and also unplugged it.  Not only was the programming lost, the move itself had broken the water inlet tube and the store's warehouse was flooded.  PVC tubing is easy to fix, once you find out where the water main is located, shut it off and get everything dried, then the repair job is a piece of cake.  The machine's visual display screen was in English, for that reason I got called in the first place, as I am bilingual.  Wading through the ankle deep water, I quickly read everything I could find about the controls, programming and settings of the machine.  All in the Queen's English.  Even with everything being written in English, it was still confusing to me.  So, I just started pushing buttons.  It always seemed to work for Moe, Larry & Curly.  And, by doing that, I started to be able to walk my way through the screen's menu and found several things that I figured I should try.  After a long while of pushing and reading and resetting and such, the machine was finally reset and would automatically restart itself and return to prior programming in half an hour.  And, in the process, I discovered that I was able to change the screen's language from English to Spanish.  Of course, before I left, I advised my friend and the other employees to not unplug the machine and not to move it without unhooking the water pipes, first.

                                                         Lining up for the toys and candy

Then I drove back home and got cleaned up and went to Ensenada, first to visit a friend in the hospital who is suffering with a parasitic infection.  He's doing much better but is still weak.  Since he hasn't worked in more than a week, his wife and children were without food.  So, I loaded them up in my truck and we went to the local Calimax grocery store and got them some food, drinking water, diapers and clothes washing supplies.  Then, I drove them home and quickly drove myself to the Bible school in El Zorrillo.

                                        Gabriel and Charo pass out the gifts and baby clothes

Being a Thursday, it was my night to teach, my subject was the second chapter from the book of Jonah, one of my favorites, and it went well.  After class, we had cupcakes and punch, made by yours truly, the day before.  Plus, we divided the wonderfully donated baby clothes among the new moms or those that would soon be moms.  They were very happy and really grateful for the special gifts.

                               Everyone is thankful for the blessings the Lord sent through you

Afterwards, about nine that night, I drove the hour home, thanking God for helping me through another day at Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission.  When I got back I noticed I was hungry so I ate a cheese sandwich with a glass of vanilla soy milk and crawled into my waiting bed.   I said my prayers and turned on the TV, and, much to my great enjoyment, they were showing a Laurel and Hardy short, in Spanish, and it was just starting, La Vida Nocturna, (The Night Life).  

                                          Samuel is happy with his brightly colored glow-worm

When I finally shut the set off and closed my eyes, I knew that tomorrow would probably be just about the same as this today.  And, to no one's surprise, it was.

                                                Here I am, playing guitar and singing, as usual

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