Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Time To Hate Is Long Gone

To me, it's really mind-blowing how much we still take notice of the Nazis, the KKK, and those that so hate Christians, God, the Bible and even Jesus, the Christ.  Even though their numbers are tiny and their organizations and ranks are virtually ineffective, made up of mostly misfits and social losers, we still worry about them and their undersized and deteriorating off-putting expressions of odium.  That being the case, these hate-mongers always seem to find a place to post their spew, hoist their placards and disseminate their views, even if at a peaceful place, like my FACEBOOK Wall.

This is no surprise, because what they are doing, and it should shock no one to find out what they are doing, is promoting cultural strife every time they can.  Now, I am all for free speech and that right comes directly from the United States Constitution.  And I agree with that right.  But, when we advance hateful ideas and crusade against certain sectors of society, it’s wrong and not gainful speech on any level.  

 The usual barefaced campaign strategy of your ordinary atheistic dissenter seems to be the use of Bible texts themselves but used way out of context.  To promote their reckless and sadly laughable ideas about the Bible, God, Jesus and His followers, that’s what they have to do.  However, by so doing, they make themselves easily and openly known, at least to anyone who actually has studied the Bible and knows what it really says, what it puts forward and how it all fits so nicely together.  They think that these unfounded attacks make them appear smart.  But, in their lines, one just follows the biased and baseless criticism made by one detractor and then another opponent and so on and so on, never knowing that the Bible itself nips their uneducated remarks right to the bud.  And, as one could easily guess, almost none of them has ever read The Good Book for themselves.  Almost their entire message is, ‘Everybody who doesn't agree with them should be hated, is stupid and is harming the free world at large and should be instantaneously stopped.’  

There are plenty of atheists who shout this type of anti-Christian ‘racism,’ on a daily basis.  Grievance mongers, that work persistently to bring back racial hatred based upon someone’s spiritual beliefs because it's good for fund raising and gives them a reason to justify their existence.  Fortunately, to date, they have never created anything effective and it is doubtful they ever will.

For anyone that has ever posted a hate-oriented, anti-God or anti-Christian post on my wall, here are a few words that best describe you, in my eyes, at least:

“objectionable, abominable (man), accursed, appalling, bitter tasting, shameful, catty but not kitty, confounded, confused and cursed, contemptible, despiteful, detestable, disgusting, execrable, unfriendly, fetid, vulgar, monstrous, ghastly, iniquitous, impossible, nasty, malicious, hurtful, cruel, obnoxious, abusive, pestiferous, nauseating, antagonistic, stomach-turning, angry, revolting, shuddersome, unkind, totally not cool, wildly undesirable, inhumanly vicious, low and just plain bad.”

Anyone who admires someone, or looks up to someone, or relates to someone, that has posted hateful images and posts on this page, is just as guilty as the poster. 

Hate the sin but not the sinner.  God still loves you and so do I.  But, I don’t want haters to hang around my wall at all.

I don’t mind if people don’t agree with me, that’s their right.  But, if they are haters, please, go elsewhere to promote your ideas and indoctrinate your followers.

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