Friday, May 15, 2015

Asking For Help

It is really hard to ask someone to commit to building a house for a pastor in Mexico that they don’t know. And, I have never done that. But, over the years, as funds have come in, we have helped to build over 50 small concrete block or wooden houses. Each house built honestly changes the lives of the people helped by these homes. It takes up to $4,000 dollars to build a tiny new shelter using local labor. Each project creates short-term work for several people, as well as builds a new sense of community as neighborly hands truly serve each other and the Lord.
We use only Christian laborers and we construct these buildings just for church families. In this case, it’s for a pastor and his family. Juan, Ellie and Nicole, work in El Zorrillo, near Ensenada and are currently living in a little borrowed basement space. Juan was a Bible student, now graduate and has been pastor and mission helper for the past ten years. He has struggled hard to earn enough money to finish his house on his own, but to-date, he hasn’t been able to do that. I am now asking God to send laborers to pick-up a bit of the load and help him finish his house. Your prayers are certainly appreciated as I know the prayers of a righteous person can do a lot of good. James 5:16b, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

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