Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Resurrection Day Poem

An Easter Poem
Holy God, Lord Almighty, our irreplaceable and blessed Redeemer.
Conquering King, Victorious Warrior, the faithfully living, and Risen Son,
Eternal Savior, our Knight in shining armor, bringer of Divine light and love,
You rescued me, freed me from death, and freely gave me eternal life.
Is there a method for me to settle up the debt I owe?
It cost You so dearly, my Lord, that critical day,
When You shed Your innocent blood and gave up Your life on the cross,
For all humankind, while we were yet eternally lost.
God, You and I know, that I could never pay such a high price.
Such great value and worth is placed upon your timeless sacrifice.
The world’s salvation is that one, free gift, that You so willingly and freely gave,
When You died on that cross and then rose up from the grave.
There is just this one and joyous hope that comes from Your momentous sacrifice,
It is that we, the lost, freely receive the promised plan, looking forward to eternal life.

By me.


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