Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome To Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission

          The mission base has individual rooms and also common rooms that can sleep up to 12 people.
                                          Our individual rooms are small, but still comfortable.

 The mission kitchen has hot and cold running water, freezer, refrigerator, gas stove with working oven, microwave and room for up to 30 people.
                                                 There is plenty of work and serving space.
                We also have a small seating area in the kitchen, with television, and VHS/DVD players.
                          We have Wi/Fi at the base and some American cellular phones work here.
   All the restrooms have electricity, same as in the USA, hot and cold running water and flushing toilets.
 There are lots of common dorms and plenty of small gardens around the base.  There is also a washer and dryer at the base. 
   We enjoy planting flowers, bushes and trees around the property.  It helps us forget we are in a desert.
 The there are four showers and four restrooms right in front of the common dorms.  At the base there are actually 10 complete restrooms.
 Plants are very important and we are working on a small park area where people can hang-out and BBQ their food.
                          We have on-base parking behind locked gates and high solid block walls.
                                           There is also a medical and dental clinic at the base.
      We keep a storage tank with over 4,000 gallons of water on hand, with pump and high pressure.
The base's church, El Camino Agape De San Vicente, is open on Sunday afternoons and also works as a great place for special events and for housing group activities.
 There are two different sides to the church.  We often hold adult services on one side and children's church on the other side.
              The church also has VHS/DVD and a big screen television available for use by visiting groups.

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