Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don´t Ignore Or Lose Your Freedoms

I would speculate that there isn´t another country in the entire world that has the abundant freedoms that we do in the United States of America.

What is pictured here is a protest handbill, I found it yesterday on a wall in Ensenada, BCN, Mexico. It depicts the fact that freedom of speech or expression, as it indicates on the flyer, is often limited, or at least restricted and at times, even illegal in Mexico.

Let me talk about an area I am well aware of, that is radio programming in Mexico. We can talk analytically about Protestants, Lutherans, Baptists and nearly every other denomination, religion, church or religious leader in a broadcast and not face any reprisal at all. But if we, in country, talk or express a questioning opinion, or publish or promote anything about this certain other belief, we can be fined, have our program canceled and even lose our license to be on the air.

The fact is that back in July of 1993, freedom of speech and of religion finally came to Mexico, its obvious that it is still in it´s infant stages. The truth is that in many regions of Mexico, ones that are steeped in this certain religion´s teachings, people of any other faith are often persecuted, ridiculed and even ostracized in public and in private. Matthew 5:11, ¨Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.¨

I thank God that in the north part of the Baja Peninsula, where Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission is located, in the ´free zone,´ we have much more freedom than do other areas of the country. At the mission base and at the church as in our services to outlying areas, we do sing, preach and teach the Gospel of Christ, not mixed with any human trappings, colors or confusion. As we train in the truth here, the hearers are taking what they learned here and going back to their homelands in other parts of Mexico carrying with them the clear and valid truth of God. John 8:36, ¨If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.¨

 Thank you for being an important part of this ministry, where the truth of God reigns supreme and is the focal point of all that is said and done by Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission and the base´s church, El Camino Agape De San Vicente, A. R. This is not a one-person ministry, it takes team work, consistency and continuance to make strong, permanent and life-changing inroads in to what might other wise be closed and unreachable avenues to the human heart and soul. Before being given even limited levels of freedom of speech, the people here were encouraged to believe in formalism, tradition and to follow the commandments of men and to obey the history of unsaid church and to trust in these things as being more important that the Scriptures, the actual and very Word of God. Matthew 15:9, ¨ But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

God Bless You All.

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