Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Friends, I always give thanks to God for all of you and for all that you do, for me and for all the thousands that are reached, touched and strengthened through this ministry each and every year. Your help is vital, appreciated and so very much needed. Hearts, lives and eternal destinies are changed, forever by what we all do here, together, at Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission. Romans 1:8 “First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.” Building projects take lots of extra money. Regular operating resources, special funds and designated donations are never used for unspecified construction projects. Therefore, without having the extra, non-appropriated finances, no work projects are undertaken. Work projects or building projects must generate their own special funds before being undertaken. Yet, at tmes, it is still important to build new buildings at the mission base in San Vicente. Therefore, it is improtant to get the word out concerning structural needs and to ask our friends and supporters to pray wabout the needs that are currently being prayed for at the base in Mexico. So, I will let you know about some projects that are currently on the building project prayer list. If you, your Bible Study or Church group would like to undertake some, any or all of one or more of these projects, just let me know. Of course, you are invited to come down and help in the actual building, too. As the Lord leads. Thank you all, and always, for all that you have done and are doing to reach out to the lost and hurting people here in Mexico. Also, thank you for making the base in San Vicente as comfortable as it is. It is what it is, because of your response to the direction of the Holy Spirit. God Bless You All!
A new, bigger and deeper septic tank is needed at the base. Five toilets,sinks and showers are now using one that was built for a single bathroom. It's costly to keep having to get it drained a half dozen times a year. Once this new tank is operational, it will probably not have to be drained for years on end.
There is a big need for more dorms at the base. At present, the base can hold about 30 people but when groups number in the 40s or more, which happens several times a year, it becomes obvious that a few more sleeping rooms would help make everyone more comfortable. It wouldn't take much to finish some spaces like the one shown here.
The base's kitchen is in need of expansion. Some of the ground work has been laid and many supplies are already at the base. More are needed, of course, but once done, this one project will make the base much more useable as this is one area where visitor congestion always takes place.

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