Sunday, April 18, 2010

Worry Produces Forgetfulness

Worry Produces Forgetfulness

Worry makes it so that one forgets Who is the One that is actually in control of every thing in the Universe. And, when you focus on only you, you worry all-the-more. Then, you become even more anxious for many things, and eventually even the smallest of things can look big when your are worried about so much. You worry because your companions at work don't appreciate you and that your boss makes you work in excess, and that your superintendent doesn't understand you, or that your congregation doesn't help you when you are down and out. With the passing of the time, your agenda becomes even more important than that of God's time schedule. You become more concerned with yourself and your life and goals, than you do in being pleasing to Him.

Take a moment, if you are able, where you might come to see that you are doubting the discernment of God. God has blessed you with talent. And, He has done the same with your neighbor. If you worry about the talents and life of your neighbor, you will neglect your own life. But if you don't worry and take life as it comes, trusting in God and in His abilities and His care for you, you will be an inspiration to yourself and your neighbor.

Worrying means you want to be in charge of things before it's time for you to take over. The best that you can do today is to rest in the Hands of Him that has control of everything in your life. Make sure that He is really in control of everything. Then there will be no reason, and no place for worry in your heart, mind, body or soul.

Choose to live in peace

1 Peter 5:7
Tossing all your anxiety, worry and cares on Him, because He is careful of you.

John 14:1
Don't let your heart be upset; you believe in God, believe also in Jesus. After all, He is the Author and Finisher of your faith.

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