Friday, April 30, 2010

Used Cel-phones For The Needy

For almost as long as I have been in Mexico, the daily wage has remained about US$5.00 per day, not per hour, rather, per day. You can't do much with that amount of money, not even in Mexico. It's very hard for an elderly person, a struggling student or a single mom to find enough extra money to purchase a cel-phone.

With the donation of your used cel-phone, they can now have access to authorities, family and friends and doctors and hospitals. This is a great step forward for these poor people. Your gift would mean a lot to them.

Your phone doesn't have to be new or super fancy, but it must be in working order. You do not need to donate your chip as it will not work in Mexico. The phone requires a different chip and that will have to be purchased and programmed in Mexico. So your donation is safe and secure.

Please, E-Mail me and I can send you the mailing address for your phones.

Thank you and God bless you. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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