Monday, June 9, 2014

Join With Us In Prayer

Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission Prayer List June 2014 1. The need for extra visitors is always important to our work here in Mexico. We actually love to share the work here with as many people as we can. We covet your prayers and welcome you to come for a weekend, a week or even longer. We now have a much larger water supply and we always have more than enough for everyone to do. I can assure you that all of your help is more treasured than you might know. Acts 16:14-15 2. The rain has been less than we would have hoped for this year. A lot fell in the late fall and after that, very little has come down. Hundreds of thousands of camp workers depend on the rain to have a job. Also, if the dry weather continues, prices will go up in the stores as they will be selling fewer products for more money to make up the difference. Please, pray for rain, we so desperately need it. May God Bless Your Prayers. Job 5:10 3. The new governor or Baja California has raised taxes beyond what anyone guessed he might. And, many are calling for reform and asking that something be done to lower them but, to date, nothing has made a difference. It seems that some are presenting real, tangible and workable programs to reduce the prices of gasoline, electricity and groceries, but these ideas are falling silently to the floor. Mexicans don’t earn enough money to make ends meet as it is, please, go before the Lord on behalf of these people. Proverbs 11:14 4. The people reached through this ministry value every bit of help that comes to them through the gifts that you share with Rancho Santa Fe. Unlike many missions or foreign-based ministries, we don’t charge a cent for what we give to the needy. Nor, do we demand that they only come to our church if they want our help. I never saw where Jesus asked anybody their church affiliation before doing a miracle in their lives. I can’t do that. But, please know, that all you share makes a real and solid change in the lives of some poor and disadvantaged people. Psalm 82:3-4 5. Please, keep our mission improvement and construction projects in your prayers. We have always tried to make improvements that are timely, low-cost and necessary. The idea is that you deserve a nice and safe place to stay while you serve the Lord with us. So, all that we do, is done first to bless the Lord and then to show our thankfulness for all that you do for the mission and its outreaches. You are a real and honest and needed blessing. Amen! Psalm 127:1 6. Have any extra construction tools lying around your garage, barn or property? If you don’t have a need for something, we probably do. And, if not here, we do pass things along to others here in San Vicente, Ensenada or farther down the road. We want to bless not to hoard. Hebrews 13:16 7. We are wondering if we will have a Summer Bible School program this year. We have not had any offers of help from the north but will do what we can do to make sure that our kids get a summer session of Bible lessons and activities. If you can’t come to help, we would still love to have your prayers. We are looking at the middle of July for the start date. It will run for five days. Thanks for helping us with your prayers, they are always needed. Luke 18:16 “The Poor Have The Gospel Preached To Them,” Matthew 11:5 God can't resist the prayers of a the humble and poor in spirit. He is the God of YES! "For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us." Second Corinthians 1:20

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