Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Vacation Bible School This Year

This year we didn’t have any offers of help for our Summer Bible School Program.  Which is sad, but maybe, if we get things ready now for next year, we’ll have plenty of folks coming down to help us with this timely outreach.  

Vacation Bible School, VBS, is for our children, from four years of age to early teens.  We try to make these educative days, "the place to be," we want the boys and girls to experience God's love in this unique, fun and personal way.  

The peaceful ambiance when electrically filled with activities, songs, goodies and plenty of adult attention brings a lot of joy and affirmation to the lives of these poor and needy youngsters.  Our desire is always to fill up the boys and girls spiritually with God’s childlike love and acceptance.  We want the children to sing and yell-out in praise of the Lord and to learn that He loves all of His children.  Even though preparation and structure is important, the daily meetings do not have to be overly elaborate, the goal and objective is that we all experience more of God’s Love each day.
We need and can always use quick quiz games to help children learn about the Bible events and people mentioned in the Word of God and prophecy.  Also, different comparison-hunt charts or cards.  The children enjoy making novelty jewelry with Bible themes.  Even having a Questions and Answers time is fun for the children.  We like to present a five day program, lasting about two hours a day, Monday through Friday.  Of course, VBS crafts and handiworks are always a winner, as is playing with appropriate toys, like checkers, chess, even making classroom decorations for Christmas of summer birthdays.  It does take a lot of goodies to make each day something special, like cake decorating, popping corn, bags of candy to take home to the rest of the family.  Just making the days an awesome Christian adventure is the goal, everything being focused on knowing Jesus and leaning about God.  These are the summer days that little children remember, days that can change their lives forever.  Craft kits, classroom supplies, stickers and party favors don’t have to be expensive.  The simplest things work wonders in the lives of these poor boys and girls. 

Summertime offers us the opportunity of experiencing the clear-cut things of our faith: experiencing God is a lifelong process, and learning about God can be enjoyable and fun.  Each of the five days is a time for study, play, and prayer.  Five days of storytelling, Bible study, arts & crafts, refreshments, playing with friends, praying together, and worship.  Five special days that are just a lot of fun and gifts; closing each day with a good amount of singing and music.  These days are like the cherry on top of a hot summer-long vacation.  Maybe next year, you can help make this a reality.  Thanks and God Bless You.

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