Thursday, December 27, 2012

Even though our Christmas Celebration this year was a lot more humble than in past years, nevertheless, souls were warmed on Christmas Day.  About a hundred and fifty expectant children and eager adults gathered at the Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission Church of El Camino Agape de San Vicente.  And, let me assure you that even though humble, the celebration abounded with the spirit of Christian love and pleasurable gift giving, which brought Christmas Cheer to many, many little hearts.

We sang songs and prayed and wished each other a very Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad and then did some handicrafts, passed out gifts and had a generally jubilant time as we celebrated Christmas Day.  None of these children were asking for a lot for Christmas and were truly thankful for any gift that they got.  The majority of the poor children here wouldn’t have had any gift if it wasn’t for these that were sent down to give away to the poor.  The boys and girls that came to our special Christmas Day service went home very well pleased with everything.  

I want anyone who donated a gift to know that here we all really appreciate your giving.  You brought so many smiles and so much laughter to the lives of these children and I know they would hug and kiss you, if they could.  

Warm souls, happy hearts and ecstatic children are what make for a good Christmas Celebration.
The spirit of giving was truly seen in our Christmas Day Celebration.

God Bless You, One and All!

“And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him.  Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.”

Matthew 10:42

“And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

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