Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few More Video Clips From Ejido Benito Juarez

This was really a special holiday outreach. There were three different churches working together to help underprivileged families celebrate Christmas. Team: Casa De Dios, from the High Desert, California and La Nueva Jerusalen, from the border area of Tecate and Tijuana and El Camino Agape de San Vicente, Rancho Santa Fe Mexico Mission's church. We enjoy each other's company and loved working together to bless the children in the Name of the Lord. After all, Jesus, really is the reason for the season.

I am not sure who won or if anybody won but I do know that everyone who played really had a good time and got their exercise for the day.

I certainly believe that every outreach, service and trip to outlying areas must include sharing the Good News of God's Love in Christ. Jesus is the only Savior and the only real reason why one would go out to these hidden villages and share God's Love. Bless all that do it and all of those that make it possible.

Blessing upon all of you who helped to make Christmas real of the poor children touched by these ministries. As we travel around to share the truth of God's Word, we all remember that it it He that sent us and His faithful that provide to make the outreaches possible.

May you all have the best year possible!

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