Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting & Giving Gifts

The Best Christmas Present Ever Given
2 Corinthians 9:15, Thanks be to God for His indescribable "Gift!"

The Nativity of the Christ Child or the Nativity of Jesus, or simply The Nativity, concerns the telling of the story about the birth of Jesus, or even simply relating to the details about the birth of Jesus. The beloved and well-known story we remember appears in the Canonical Gospels of Matthew & Luke. However, other texts also mention it, like Isaiah 7:14. Therefore, the celebration of Christmas is based upon the immaculate conception of Jesus, the virgin birth of the same and the Holy Word of God coming to earth as a human baby, John 1:14. Christmas, which is an important High Holy Day is generally observed and celebrated by Christians and non-Christians world wide.

Christians spirituality regard the Nativity of Jesus as an event of Divinely cosmic significance in which God, in Christ, was incarnated as a simple human being, Colossians 2:9. Therewith becoming a, "new man," that could all-powerfully undo the spiritual degradation and mankind's spiritual separation from God caused by the disobedience and fall of the first man, Adam. In this principle, in contrast to Adam, Jesus was an obedient Son, fulfilling the Divine will of God, His Father. Therefore, as He lived obedient to the Word of God, Jesus was totally free from sin and was therefore the righteousness of God the Father and being such a Son, brought about salvation, through faith as a love gift from God, 1 Corinthians 15:22 & 45, Romans 5:18.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever would believe in Him would have everlasting life,” John 3:16.

Here’s a question I’d like to ask you, did you ever just get the snazziest gift? You know, one that made your head spin when you opened it. It was something that you had been wishing, hoping and even praying for all year long. And then, there you were, it’s Christmas Day and you've removed the wrapping paper and boom, there it was, all yours! That’s cool, I hope that you have done that and even on more than one occasion, too.

Here’s another question for you, what’s the best present you’ve ever given to someone else? Did you put a lot of thought, effort and prayer into it? Did you make it yourself? Did you put a lot of your heart into that gift to make it really special?

If we really understand the gift from God that Jesus is to our lives and future eternal life, then we’d probably end up saying, rightly too, that the best gift we’ve ever been given is, in fact, the life of Jesus on the cross of Calvary, some two thousand years ago. God could have given you the silvery moon, or perhaps a brilliant star or even a swell chunk of gold or big blue diamond, but in the end, these would have been just cheap trinkets along side the shed blood of Jesus that buys you entrance in God’s Heaven, Ephesians 2:13&14. Nothing can compare with that, nothing at all, 1 John1:7.

You see, God loves you, and that's, just as you are, and He loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine, Romans 8:38&39. He is more than generous, better than super extravagant and is a completely redeeming God, which would spare no cost to save your lost soul, Romans 8:32. He has endured unimaginable pain on all physical and spiritual levels to allow you open and easy access to His free gift of eternal life in His Son, Jesus, the Christ or our Messiah, Acts 4:12.

The best gift you could ever give to Him, is simply yourself: Heart & soul, body, mind & spirit, everything. That would make you the best gift you’d ever really given to Someone else, Luke 10:27.

Ask yourself, does Jesus truly live in my heart? Am I serious about giving my life to Jesus? What will I do without Jesus when I face my last day on earth and fill my lungs with air one last time just before I exhale my one last lonely breath and die, Hebrews 9:27?

God’s Christmas Gift to you is Jesus, His only begotten Son, accept Him now, live forever. Take a second or two, clear your mind and think on Jesus and simply ask Him to come in to your life, to change you, clean you and make you His. Ask Him to forgive your sins and to wash away your sins and to prepare you to be ready to go to Heaven whenever the time comes. His Holy Spirit will do a wonderful and marvelous work of salvation in your soul. You will get the best Christmas Gift you’ve ever gotten. This, I promise you. John 6:37, Romans 10:13, Hebrews 13:5&6.

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